Continuous Improvement Process

Our Customer Evaluation Process is the foundation for Continuous Improvement. At the completion of every assignment, we request a candid Customer Evaluation of Woodward Drilling. The responses are uploaded automatically into a Customer Satisfaction Database. Every Evaluation is reviewed by Wayne Woodward and all Customer comment s noting a need for improvement are acted upon by senior management. Items identified as needed improvements are reviewed with the entire TEAM, and the process continues. This process never ends!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Feedback is used as a Training Aid for our Team

  • Dramatic reduction of employee exposure to hazards
  • Reduces company and customers’ liability
  • Minimizes down time
  • Streamlines the “Learning Curve”, improves overall efficiency
  • Minimizes Your Business Interruption
  • Catalog of historical data
  • Drastic reduction of environmental exposures
  • Minimizes waste
To provide feedback positive or negative, please contact Ryan Woodward at